Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make?

Our rates vary, but can be as high as $25 per 275 words (or 10 cents per word!).


How will I get paid?

We pay via PayPal and Venmo. Comp is paid every 14 days.


Is this legal?

Yes. We provide templates for our clients. They are not permitted to submit the work we provide them as their own.


How do assignments get distributed?

We do not believe in first-come- first-serve. Rather, we distribute assignments according to each scholar’s strengths, experience, and interests.


How many pages can I write a week?

Our strong market position ensures consistent demand. As long as your quality consistently remains high, the sky is the limit. However, we tend to start scholars on a taper to give them a chance to grow accustomed to our systems and workload. Typically. we will onboard you with 5-10 pages/week and then ramp up at a controlled rate agreed upon with you.


Do I have to sign a non-compete?

No. The only document you will have to sign is a "service agreement" which specifies your professional relationship with us.

What academic subjects can I write for?

We have assignments in almost any subject: from all disciplines of business and social sciences to English, literature, history, political science, and more.


Who will I be working with?

You will work closely with Noir Tower employees who will provide you all the support you need. If you are comfortable with it, you may be asked to work directly with clients.


What kind of samples should I submit when I apply?

Submit your best academic writing. We want to assess your ability to construct a strong thesis statement and to support it with evidence from scholarly resources. Do not submit creative writing, blog posts, or journalistic writing.


Among our more urgent needs are to fill business writing positions. We are particularly interested in applicants talented in business case analysis, slide decks, reports (market analysis, market research, strategic analysis, industry analysis), or frameworks thereof (e.g., Porter's 5 Forces, SWOT, Value Chain Analysis, PESTAL, etc.). 


How soon can I start?

Immediately! If we like your samples, we will ask you to do a paid writing assessment of approximately 600-800 words, on the subject within which you are specialized.