We are uncompromising in our commitment to producing only high caliber academic content. We hire the best talent and support them with systems to help them succeed.


We believe quality assurance is a front-loaded process that begins with hiring the right people. In addition, we continuously develop and maintain a suite of training tools to help you be at your best.


We strive to align our interests with those of our scholars. From the way we distribute assignments to the rate we pay per page, our business model is designed to be a win-win.


We put our money where our mouth is. You will find no company that values and respects you as much as we do. That is proven by our starting comp, which is multiple times the industry average.


Our scholar relationships are the bedrock of our organization. Work here if you find it important to feel cared for and looked after by the company you work for.


We pride ourselves on building a company where scholars feel valued. Here, you are managed by people not technology. We leverage that high touch connection to make sure you are always taken care of.

We understand our scholars need to make a living, and that quality has its price. That is why we pay several times the industry average as our starting compensation rate.  However, we also go beyond the transactional relationship to get to know our scholars as individuals with needs and constraints outside of work. We are there for them whenever and however we can. 


Here are some ways we've done so in the past few months:



"This is the best job I've ever had."


One of our scholars is a disabled single mother whose son recently had surgery for scoliosis.  She lives in Louisiana, and when the floods hit her community she lost her home and her car.  We advanced her the compensation for all the work we had agreed upon, and asked if she needed time off. "No, I need more work. This is the best job I've ever had. Thank you!" So we gave her as much work as she was ready to take on. Thankfully, her insurance is finally stepping up to help her piece her living situation back together. But when she needed us, we were there for her, and we always will be. 



"I'm very lucky indeed to get to work with someone like you."


Another one of our scholars is a middle aged husband living in Oregon. When his supervisor at work began giving him a hard time and threatened to fire him, we stepped up to guarantee him enough volume to keep him afloat should things go south with work. His financial situation was so challenging he could not even afford his anxiety medication, and it got in the way of his ability to meet his obligations to us.  We did what any decent people would do--we were understanding, gave him a break, and sent him a transfer that allowed him to buy his medication.  He could not believe how we had handled the situation:


"Just really can't tell you how kind this is of you. Amazing that you offer help instead of railing at me for my bad judgment--which you'd be completely entitled to do. I'm very lucky indeed to get to work with someone like you. Thank you again."



These are just two of the many stories that illustrate what we mean when we say we care about the people who help us. We know full well that when we go the extra mile to take of our people, they will always go the extra mile to take care of us.


Join us today and get compensated richly for it by a company that demonstrates through actions how much it values people.